Kevin Mathers – My Steps to Financial Freedom

A guy who loves to surf, play hockey, stay fit both physically and financially.  My goal is to find financial freedom and I am using this blog to track each step I take to achieve it in the form of posts and experiences.

I realized that neither high-school or college prepares you to manage money, rather it simply prepares you for the work force.  This made me think…wouldn’t it be valuable if personal finance was a required course in high school and/or college?

After talking to colleagues, friends, and family about personal finance and investing, I decided to put together this blog.  I want to give you a quick and easy opportunity to build the foundation needed to start managing your finances without having to spend hours trying to learn on your own.

I hope this blog motivates you take the first step into getting closer to your freedom, whether it’s financial freedom, physical health, or just pure happiness.  Hope you enjoy!